Founded in 1993 in Switzerland by Thomas Gerig, the Gerig Design AG has been and still is involved in a broad range of innovation, invention and product design projects.
The company is 100% family owned and operated. Hierarchies within the company are flat and straightforward, allowing for a great deal of flexibility and versatility.
Most recently we have been part of projects in construction engeneering, medical technology and furniture design.


To create a Brand Design for The Softlit Technology.


The softlit technology® make people look younger in the bathroom mirror, while achieving perfect illumination of the face without disturbing glare. Through the diffused and glare-free yet strong light, wrinkles are less visible.


The brand got a great visibility. Currently this technology is on the market successfully in 7 European countries and there is ongoing Developement with finnished prototypes in 9 more countries.

Its won several awards as a Bronze Award by the committee of the IAUD International Design Award.

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