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Rio Maximo is the most important local tour operator in Latin America. Based in Copacabana, the company has more than 3,000 testimonials on the Internet and 25,000 customers per year. They operate and market their own tours since 2007. In their first 3 years, they became Rio de Janeiro’s leading company in receptive tourism in.


Rio Maximo was just beginning when we started working together. The goal was to create a powerful brand and sell their services directly to the final consumer through digital marketing. Their main goal was to be Rio de Janeiro’s leading company in receptive tourism.

Our work

We developed a digital marketing strategy mainly based on a performance campaign of Google Ads and Facebook Ads which are thoroughly segmented in 3 languages for different services, targets, locations, and focused on a continuous improvement of ROI.

Throughout the years, we developed and continue to develop different digital marketing actions.

We are currently working on the complete re-design of Rio Maximo’s website.


The company achieved market leadership in Rio in just 3 years, an average of 25 thousand customers per year and more than 3 thousand reviews on the Internet.


Digital strategy
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
WEB Redesign

Diego Barreto

Director Rio Maximo

“In 8 years we have gone from being a company of 2 workers to being the largest receptive tourism agency in Rio de Janeiro. Roberto and Maru were with us from the beginning and were undoubtedly a key part in this growth. They are very efficient and objective. It’s a privilege for me to work with Creative Lions”.

Working together for 10+ years


web visitors


clients from digital conversions



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